I used to be a band nerd, now I’m a dancer at a spicy club – I hate when customers tip with a certain bill | The Sun

A FORMER band nerd made a major lifestyle change, and now she's raking in the dough as a dancer at a strip club.

But patrons, beware: there's one tipping habit that might annoy the dancers and cause problems when they cash out.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Miley Hinrichsen (@mileysappho) showed what a day in the life as a "spicy" dancer looks like.

Standing in front of a mirror, Hinrichsen held up the camera to capture her tiny, Hello Kitty-printed bikini set.

Her first dance of the night only netted her $17, which she fanned out and used to cool down after the exhausting set.

But her luck turned around: in the very next clip, Hinrichsen was showing off her first $100 bill of the night.

During her next set, Hinrichsen received a somewhat unusual tip, which gave her a chance to address a strip club pet peeve.

Holding up a $2 bill, she gave a slight grimace and shook her head.

"I hate twos," she lamented, showcasing the uncommon denomination. "I never want to spend them."

The $2 bill is the least-common bank note in circulation, so many consumers are reluctant to use them.

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In fact, some incredibly rare $2 bills could be worth as much as $1,200, so Hinrichsen might appraise hers before using it in a store.

It was just one of several bills Hinrichsen received that night.

Midway through the evening, she piled her earnings and mimed an "important phone call" with the thick stack.

She also shared a clip from the club floor. Zooming in on some bills that had fallen beneath the stage, Hinrichsen said the sight gave her "anxiety."

Back at home, she counted piles of money on her bed.

While Hinrichsen didn't provide a total for her night's income, there were plenty of $20 bills visible among the singles – and the infamous $2 bill.

At the end of the night, she laid down to sleep on a Hello Kitty pillow – which perfectly matched the outfit she wore to start her night.

Hinrichsen told a curious commenter that working in a club was a fine career – for the time being.

"It’s a fast way to get money, but unlike a job, it’s not long-lived and there’s no benefits," she explained.

Other commenters who'd worked in the industry opened up about their own experiences.

A number of women had feelings about Hinrichsen's pet peeve.

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"I'm retired now but $2 bills were always my fave," one confessed. "I still have a collection."

Another dancer said, "I have so many $2 bills just shoved in my purse because it feels illegal spending them."

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