I wanted a huge baby belly when I was pregnant… I didn’t show until I was nine months, no one believed there was a baby

FOR many, the most obvious sign of pregnancy is a big bump – and this was all one mum-to-be wanted to have.

But, unfortunately for the TikTok user Roxsana Solis (roxsanayitzel), her dream of a large baby belly didn't come true until the very last stage of her pregnancy.

Taking to social media, the 22-year-old shared snaps taken throughout the course of nine months, claiming her pregnancy went unnoticed.

Wearing different outfits and sometimes even tight dresses, Roxsana uploaded mirror selfies shot all along from the first to the ninth month.

But despite being desperate for a bigger belly, the only clue that gave away the pregnancy were the final two photos where the mum was holding her bump, although still relatively small.


''At my Job they wouldn’t believe me I was pregnant [sic],'' she revealed in the comments, adding she first found out she was expecting cause she would be throwing up a lot.

The 22-year-old, from Colorado, US, also shared the heartwarming moment the couple found out they were expecting a baby boy, with the two embracing a very tight hug.

After a lot of moving in the belly – but still not showing – baby Aiden was born earlier this year.

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Seeing the tiny bump, viewers were left shocked, with some taking it to comments.

''At 9 months I would’ve thought u were like 4 months lol wish that was me [sic],'' wrote one TikTok user.

''wow that's crazy i legit started showing my first month, my bf was like "whats wrong w ur belly" thats how we found out [sic],'' one mum revealed her experience.

Another complained: ''Lucky! I looked like a ugly a** hippo and never went back to my pre pregnancy weight.''

A mum-to-be said: ''Omg this makes me feel better 🥺I’m 4 months & don’t have a pump yet & it makes me sad bc ppl tell me I don’t look pregnant just chubbier [sic].''

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