I wanted to spice up my sex life so started a throuple with my man -it ended in disaster after I saw them getting steamy

AFTER being with her boyfriend for three years, influencer and dancer Taylor Cezanne decided it was time to shake things up in the bedroom.

The saucy plan didn't work out as the 26-year-old found herself single at the end of it all.

Taylor and her boyfriend met the new girl through work: "we just wanted to have some fun but she was a virgin so I didn't want to pressure her at all." She confessed to The Daily Star.

However what was meant to spice up their sex life resulted in Taylor being shoved out of the throuple.

Although at the time Taylor wasn't polyamorous, said said the couple were both attracted to the new girl, and they wanted it make it work.

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Because her partner and the newbie worked together "they ended up being closer." She admitted.

This led to a lot of jealousy between the three of them, with it being impossible for her boyfriend to spread his time between the girls evenly.

Although it was her idea to introduce the new girl, she says that she "struggled to make a bond" with the addition to the relationship.

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That marked the beginning of the end for Taylor, once she began to feel left out it was clear the new dynamic wasn't working.

The trio stuck it out for 7 months until Taylor discovered the duo hadn't come home one night and found having sex in the car park of her boyfriend's work.

Even though this wasn't against the rules they'd set themselves, the discovery was upsetting.

Despite this the influencer wanted to continue her relationship with her boyfriend, just the two of them.

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"I told him I didn't want to date her anymore but he wanted us both." She confessed.

Not wanting to continue as a throuple Taylor called it quits and left.

Although the trio didn't work out, Taylor has no hard feelings: "I've moved on and am happy. I'm grateful for the experience and what it taught me."

Taylor is now in a new relationship and says he is the love of her life and she gets treated like a queen.

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