I was dress coded at my gym – they told me to ‘cover up’ but I’ve been wearing nothing but crop tops there for 3 years | The Sun

ONE woman would rather wear tight little tops than suffocate in long sleeves when exercising.

Workout lover Jo got told to "cover up" at her gym even though she was wearing the same crop top and little shorts combo she has been for three years there.

When you're hot and sweaty, you never want to wear anything full-coverage.

Jo, otherwise known by her TikTok handle @jo.fitt, refuses to keep anything long on her body anytime she goes to the gym, but now she may have to.

As a major fitness fan, the creator has focused her brand on sharing her lift routines and focused exercise regimens.

She's often seen in the same corners of her gym by the squat rack and weight machines.

But after a recent incident, Jo may find herself looking for a new workout facility.

She posted a TikTok revealing her recent "dress code violation."

Her caption reads: "POV: Your gym of three years dress codes you."

"Who do they think they are? I've given the best years of my life to this place," the sound in the background screams.

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Jo steps back from the camera to show her outfit.

She's wearing black spandex, an orang crop top, and a cropped long-sleeve that cuts off below her collarbone.

A curious viewer commented: "What did they say?"

"I have to cover up no crop tops and that’s all I wear lol," Jo responded.

Other viewers were shocked at how strict her gym was and thought the concept of getting dress coded was childish.

"You’re kidding me," one surprised individual said, while another perplexed person wrote: "Dress code? What is this high school?!"

"Dress coded for gyms are kinda … weird? Ironic?" An inquisitive commenter questioned.

Jo said: "I sweat like a pig I’m NOT covering up."

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