I was fat-shamed on the train – people say it’s an innocent comment but it’s definitely not, I’m hurt | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED musician was mortified after being fat-shamed by an old man on the train.

Suzie McFadden, from Paisley, regularly posts about her dating experiences and life as a DJ on TikTok (@misssuziemac).

But in a recent clip, she told followers about an uncomfortable incident on the Tube in London.

"Right I’m going to put this out there because it’s not a particularly nice thing that happened to me", she said.

"Yesterday on the tube this old man was sitting down, this busy, packed Tube. 

"As soon as I got on the carriage he was like ‘do you want a seat?’.

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"It’s not a good thing by the way. It sounds sweet and that but we know what he thought I was."

Revealing more about the comment itself, Suzie added: "I really, really, really hope it was just him being nice but I don’t think it was.

"I think he genuinely thought 'she’s carrying a baby I should be a gentleman'. 

"There was another woman standing beside me and he specifically made a big deal out of asking me.

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"Someone basically fat-shaming you in public innocently or not is going to have an impact."

Suzie said the pregnancy misunderstanding has now motivated her to get fitter as it "can't happen again".

And the incident has left people divided on TikTok.

Some social media users have agreed with Suzie as one said: "I'm sure his intention came from a good place, but yeah a bit rude to just assume that kind of thing."

Meanwhile, a second added: "I would say it was manners, unless there was another woman already stranding, as there was. So unfortunately, you might be right about what he thought."

Others, however, are giving the passenger the benefit of the doubt.

One wrote: "Nah would have genuinely just been a gentlemen and being nice. Makes me think though my uncle taught me give up a seat for a woman or elders."

And another agreed: "If he was so old maybe he was genuinely BEING a gentleman and offering a lady a seat."

Suzie, a former child star in Chewin' the Fat, earlier revealed that she still gets hit on by 21-year-old guys – despite being a decade older than them.

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But she made it clear she's not interested, describing the young suitors as "wee guys".

The Scots DJ has also been told her work outfits are "inappropriate" and that she should "cover up" to be taken seriously.

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