I was fuming when my new neighbour painted my door black without asking…then had the cheek to CHARGE me

A FRUSTRATED woman was left fuming after her new neighbour decided to paint their communal front door black without asking.

But that's not all…they then had the nerve to ask her to pay for it.

The anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration and explained how her new neighbours had bought a flat in her building.

She penned: "There are eight flats in total in the building.

I haven't met them yet but they're buying for investment and I found it posted online for rent already."

I came home the other day to find the main door to the building had been painted."


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She admitted that the door was "shabby" before and could've done with a coat of paint – but told how it was "surprising" seeing as she hadn't been consulted first and that it was a shared door.

The woman continued: "The new colour is black which I was always told was a bad omen. I really didn't like it but didn't want to make a fuss."

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They have now emailed us saying they want the flats to equally contribute £25. Lovely to meet you too."

The annoyed woman went on to say that while it may not sound like a lot of money to some, she's currently budgeting and is trying to stick to a £30 weekly limit for "fun" – something which painting a door isn;t

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"I just know if I send them the money I will be bitter about it and anxious that they may expect me to pay in the future without consenting me," she added.

Deciding to get other people's opinions on the matter, she questioned whether there was anyway she'd be able to get away with not paying, while not entirely ruining any relationship with them.

And most social forum users who took to the comments section were in complete agreement with the woman – and branded the new neighbour out of order.

"Equally contribute to what, the door they painted?

1) that's ridiculous
2) what's the paint made from, tinted gold dust?" wrote one.

A second commented: "That's really cheeky of them. They should have got agreement from all the flats before going ahead."

"I'd email back to point that out, and just say unfortunately you don't have the budget right now."

A third penned: "No there should be no hard feelings if you weren’t consulted and therefore didn’t see any quotes much less agree to the job and the cost then they really shouldn’t be expecting anything."

If anyone does pay it that should be looked upon as a bonus…"

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Another commented: "I certainly wouldn’t be paying them £25, cheeky f****s. Nice earner if you can get it, £200 for a coat of paint!

Meanwhile, a further added: "As them if they got any quotes for the work. £200 for door painting seems quite a lot."

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