I work at McDonald’s and there’s a really annoying thing that customers always do at the drive-through, it’s infuriating | The Sun

FAST food chain McDonald’s is a favourite of many Brits, but it turns out that there’s some extremely annoying things that many customers do that drive the employees round the bend.

So if you have ever ordered your fast food from the drive-through, listen up and prepare to be attacked. 

One McDonald’s employee named Carina Angelica has taken to TikTok to reveal the irritating things that customers often do when ordering food at the drive-through.

She said: “Things that annoy McDonald’s employees”.

In the video, Carina acted out a scenario that often happens with McDonald’s customers.

Carina, the employee, said “Hello, welcome to McDonald’s, how can I help you?” as the customer pulled up to the drive-through.

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I work at McDonald’s & these are the annoying things that customers always say

I work at McDonald’s – here’s the annoying comments I always get

Carina was met with silence and after a few seconds of no response said again “Hi, welcome”.

Again, she was met with a deathly silence as the customer didn’t say anything.

But moments later the customer aggressively said “Urm hello, hello?! Is anyone gonna help me?” to which Carina responded “Yes hi welcome”.

But although the customer was desperate to order, they then voiced “Actually I need a second”.

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Whilst this highly annoys the McDonald’s employees, there’s another thing that customers do that they find irritating too.

The customer then passed to the next window and Carina read out their order to confirm that it was correct. 

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Carina asked “Was it the McDouble, two McChickens and a large fry?” to which the customer assumed it was wrong and responded “No, it was one McDouble, two McChickens and a large fry”.

With another customer, Carina confirmed the order as she asked “Six-piece Happy Meal and a Big Mac?”, but the customer was on her phone and not concentrating, so mumbled “Mmhmm” and paid for the food.

But when the employee handed over the receipt, the customer groaned “This is not my order, this is wrong, I need a refund”.

Carina’s video has clearly made many people chuckle, as it has quickly racked up 133.7k views.

It has 24.8k likes, 472 comments and 758 shares.

Many other McDonald’s employees could relate to Carina and took to the comments to express this. 


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One person said: “I hate how they read the receipt after you’ve charged them and they’re like it’s not my order after you read them the order to make sure!!” 

Another added: “I’ve worked there for 4 years and I feel you I hate it when they just pull up to the intercom and they’re like hello”. 

A third commented: “This is so true, they take so long to order and some catch an attitude”. 

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Meanwhile, someone else noted: “Yes that’s so spot on”.

Whilst another user agreed: “This is so relatable”. 

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