I work at Red Lobster…we all dread making an iconic dish & it’s not the biscuits

A RED Lobster employee has revealed the one iconic dish request that servers hate the most.

They explained that staff despise preparing one item on the menu over any others – and it’s not the biscuits.

The frustrated employee took to Reddit to vent their frustration on an Ask Me Anything thread.

They wrote: "The problem with Endless Shrimp is that ticket times become so long that it is damn near impossible to turn tables at a high enough volume to make good cash.

“It's a promotion that most employees loathe."

And they weren’t alone as another employee said they preferred Lobserfest where premium dishes are served for a limited time only.


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They explained: The dishes are delicious, usually healthier, and people are willing to pay for the pricier lobster dishes.

“From a server's point of view, we love pricier dishes because then generally the tip is better."

In October, Red Lobster launched unlimited shrimp for a limited time.

Typically, the deal was only available on Mondays – but Red Lobster experimented with something new to see how customers react.  

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The endless shrimp promotion features four products: Grilled Shrimp Skewer, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, and Walt's Favorite Shrimp.

According to Red Lobster’s promotion, customers can mix and match those types of shrimp with a side choice for $17.99.

While Red Lobster did not specify when the deal would end, it did say in its statement that it would only be available for a limited time.

In other Red Lobster news, a server previously revealed the real reason why an extra biscuit is given to every table.

Plus, a “one in 30 million calico lobster was rescued from a boiling pot by an eagle-eyed staffer who spotted the rare crustation.

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