I work in a charity shop – what it’s really like, from POO in donations, 'Balenciaga' trainers & odd customer questions | The Sun

A WOMAN has given hilarious insight into what it's really like to work in a charity shop.

TikTok user Ash, who has more than 840,000 followers, shared a series of funny stories from the shop floor – including unwrapping donations to find poo, and the bizarre questions she has been asked by customers.

In one video – jokily captioned "retail will be the death of me I swear" – the woman explained how a female customer picked up a pair of shoes from the shelf each, with a £4 sticker inside.

Ash recalled: "She said to me 'is that £4 each'?"

Speaking to the camera, she sarcastically said: "Yes, it's £4 each. We sell individual shoes here in this shop. You can just pick a shoe and pick another shoe. We don't sell pairs."

The witty clip has been watched more than five million times, and received over 540,000 'likes' – leaving many viewers in stitches.

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One person commented: "Working with the public is the worst!"

Another wrote: "Please give us more, you must have more."

Retail will be the death of me I swear

A third shared: "I am crying."

And a fourth added: "I absolutely love you – you're so funny, you make my day."

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In another post, Ash revealed an even more horrifying story after a man brought some old items in.

She shared: "So today someone donated a pair of pants with an actual nugget of s*** in."

I absolutely love you – you're so funny, you make my day

Continuing in a sarcastic tone, the shocked employee said: "I literally love people. 'Yes please sir, we could get a good price for those'."

The retail worker also admitted in another clip how she was initially delighted to find that some pink, chunky trainers from Balenciaga had been handed in.

However, Ash soon realised to her amusement that they weren't an authentic pair from the designer label, but instead had 'BALABCDGA' branded on the side.

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She also told the story of a woman who had demanded she go look for a carrier bag in the stockroom, even though she knew there were none available.

In a video, Ash explained: "I said to her, 'I haven't got any carrier bags'. She said 'have you got any out the back?'"

Despite saying no again, the customer insisted she went and looked anyway.

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