I work in McDonald’s and there’s certain people who annoy me the most & it's not even customers | The Sun

DID you remember to say please and thank you the last time you visited McDonald’s?

Apparently to McDonald’s workers it makes a big difference.

Sinead Poyser is a lifestyle and comedic influencer; she has over 160,000 followers on TikTok. 

Fans love when she posts McDonald’s skits recreating conversations she has with customers. 

You might think it’s customers that really bother McDonald’s workers but it looks like delivery drivers have a lot to answer for.

Sinead took to TikTok to talk about some encounters with rude delivery drivers. 

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In her uniform she said: “Me arguing with the delivery drivers about how manners cost nothing”.

She wrote to you: “When they ask for a free drink, I don’t say please”. 

Sinead mouthed the words: “No I don't care, that's not the point, that’s not the point”.

The five second video now had over 90,000 views and 10,000 likes.

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Viewers were not impressed with the behaviour of the delivery drivers Sinead has interacted with. 

One commenter said: “They act like you personally are the reason why their order isn’t ready and not the fact it’s 20 pending on both sides”. 

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Another said: “Free drinks? …. For delivery drivers NAH ENJOY YOUR OASIS WATER”. 

Sinead posted a follow up video recreating a pleasant encounter with a customer. 

This time it was an encounter with a customer who she believed was polite. 

She said: “Easily pleased hehe”.

Sinead wrote: “When customers actually use their manners, put their own rubbish in the bin and have basic human decency”.

She said: “You’ve charmed me, yeah, you’ve got the job”.

This video got 20,000 vows and 2,000 likes.

Viewers agreed customers should be polite and clean up after themselves. 

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One commenter said: “Gave a customer and her husband free donuts yesterday just because they was nice”.

Another said: “Always, honestly pisses me off when people leave their table a mess and go ‘it’s their job nah I’ll eat, keep it tidy and take my rubbish to the bin”.

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