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IF you thought your name was a bit odd, prepare to be shocked.

An anonymous person has taken to Reddit to reveal the most bizarre names they have come across and we are stunned.

Posting under the username 'NameNerdCirclejerk', the user explained: “I work for a school district so I see tons of names on a daily basis. 

“I've started keeping a list of the most "interesting" ones and have found that most names fall into one of nine categories. 

“I thought you guys would enjoy some fun examples.”

The categories of names that the user has found are – royalty, unnecessary punctuation, creative spelling, almost a real name, religious, nature related, places, fandoms and what they describe as ‘Just Plain WTF’. 

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In the first category – royalty names – the Reddit user revealed that they have seen the following names: “Duchess, King, Princess Kzineah, Docile Princess, Royal, Rose-Queen and King-David”.

The unnecessary punctuation category contains some very unique names, including: “D-Jay, Jo'Ell, D'Anna, Ca'Sandra, Lae-Lah, A'Leah, Bo-Dean, Anna-Bell, De'Shawn and My'Easha”. 

Similar to this, in the creative spelling category there are some names that have been spelt very bizarrely, including: “Autymn, Pariz, Mikecal, Cyennah, Ayryn, Alayynnah, Eathyn, Neel, Konstanze, MacKennzzy and Liegham”.

The ‘Almost a Real Name’ category has left us in stitches, with some common names that have been given a unique twist – there’s: “Annalizabeth, Alexavier, Lazaniel, Athanasia, Adysynth, Kimbralee, Terrick, Trennis, Samandriel, Lonica, Xerek, Braydance, Jerrick and Gelilah”.

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The next category is what the Reddit user describes as ‘Kinda Religious’ names, and these may leave you confused.

The names include: “Genesis, Blessing-Your, Amen, Bethlehem, Nirvana, Bishop, Cherubim, Lazarus, Hosanna, Prayer, Resurreccion, Heavenly Fawn Essence, Benedicta and Vespers”.

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Things got even stranger by the time we reached the ‘Nature Related’ category, with children being named after weather and even birds.

The bizarre names include: “Waterfall, Thunder, Horizon, Blueberry Rose, Leafy, Prairie, CaliRose, Eagle, Feather Fawn, Cherry, Sunchild, Windy, Grizzly, Valley, Spirit Water, Beautiful Dancing Snow and Little-Cloud”. 

Many people may decide to name their child after places that they have been to and love, and this Reddit user has seen many of those.

The place names that they have seen include: “Memphis, Sweden, Auckland, Chicago, Nevada, Arizona, Venice, Russia, Bostyn, Britain, Africa and Atlanta”.

Some other strange names were after fandoms, including: “Khaleesi, Bond, Arya, Kylo and Luke and Leia (twins)”.

But finally, what the Reddit user describes as “Just Plain WTF” names – these ones are bound to leave you open-mouthed.

The other strange names that this man has seen that have left him stunned are: “Nitro-Ice, Judas Wang Shadow, Pistol, Jonkadence, Xyryl Yvethy, Rona, Freedom Breeze, Marvelous, Major, Maycis, Noir, Passion Feather, Breawind and Excellent”.

But the list doesn’t stop there – there’s even more odd names, with one child even being named after a car.

The man concluded and shared the other strange names they have come across: “Jochabod, Heritage, Drac, Phurious, Mcxen, Scottlyn, Luscious, Starlin, Roadie, Maud Bimbo, Rovielyn-Ann, Stetzyn, Magic, Knightly, Tesla and Tyranny”.

Reddit users were left both stunned and in hysterics at the strange names, with many taking to the comments to discuss the bizarre names. 

One person said: “This is gold. I lol’ed so hard at the “Almost a Real Name” category.” 

Another added: “I don't know. Many of these names made me laugh and think surely not. But, I kind of think Maud Bimbo is the worst example is on here. How could a parent think this was a good idea?” 

A third commented: “This was PAINFUL to read. I need to go and thank my parents. Or maybe just be extra grateful that I didn’t get born to insane people.” 

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One Reddit user was shocked: “King -David? Oh my days”. 

Someone else stated: “I’m speechless”.

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