Iceland is selling premium wines for half of the price of other supermarkets

What wines are included?

Duc De Montgerald Chateauneuf Du Pape 2015 £6.75

The iconic red wine recently received a silver award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Iceland are selling their bottle for £6.75, down from £13.59, it’s a huge saving compared to Tesco’s Finest Chateauneuf Du Pape priced at £15.00.

Duc De Montgerald Sancerre 2016 £6.25

White wine drinkers will be over the moon about this one, the Duc De Montgerald Sancerre 2016 is only £6.25, reduced from £12.99. It’s a classic French wine, and goes perfectly with seafood and warm weather. It’s a steal compared to Waitrose’s bottle priced at £16.99.

Louis Soufflot Chablis 2015 £6.25

The Louis Soufflot Chablis 2015 also won big at the IWSC, picking up a bronze award. The white wine, which comes from the renowned Maison Louis Soufflot, is £6.25, and reduced from £12.99.

All three bottles are available in selected Iceland stores , so whatever you’ve got planned this weekend, make sure you go to Iceland.

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