If You Binge-Watched 'Squid Game,' Shop These Halloween Costumes

Squid Game has completely taken over the internet with its deranged premise of forcing money-strapped contestants to win children’s games for a cash prize… or die trying. I’ll be honest with you though: As much as I’ve heard about the Netflix K-drama hit, I have yet to watch it. Sorry!

But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you shop for your Halloween costume. Like, I vaguely know that there’s a murderous robot doll and that everyone in the cast is extremely hot? There are also lots and lots of green tracksuits. Below, you can shop costumes to copy the recognizable looks and characters from the show.

The Players

Be one of the players with a green tracksuit (this one from Amazon already has a number on it!) and white slip-on Vans. Easy, right? Or you can opt for an Adidas tracksuit and use iron-on numbers to achieve the look.

The Guards

I’m guessing these guys in pink keep everyone in line, and they also have very creepy mesh masks with geometric shapes. Wear a jumpsuit in the same shade and then get the below mask to replicate their menacing look.

The Doll

Okay, this giant robot doll is all kinds of terrifying, but she does have a cute ‘fit though! Copy her ensemble with a yellow button-up short-sleeve, an orange dress, calf-high socks, and black flats. A doll-like makeup look using blush and fake eyelashes for this would also help pull it off.

The Front Man

IDK who this man is exactly, but I have seen enough TV shows and movies to know that someone in a black coat with a weird mask is probably not a good guy. Be this man who’s running the show behind-the-scenes by wearing a similar outerwear piece and the same face mask. Accessorize with gloves and a fake prop weapon if you want to go all in.

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