I'm 19 & everyone says I'm too hot to be a roofer – I even wear hair extensions & fake nails on site

A BEAUTY student has swapped hair extensions for home extensions  – by becoming a roofer.

Rose Williams, 19, is "proudly" representing women in the building world by setting up her roofing business.

The talented student spends her days studying beauty therapy – while also becoming project manager of her own roof company.

Rose said: “I don’t think many people expect a 19-year-old woman who is studying beauty therapy in college to launch her own roofing company.

"It gives me a real thrill when I see people's expression of disbelief when I tell them I am really am a roofer and own my own company.

"People really don't believe me – especially men.  I guess it's because I love being glamorous and always wear fake eyelashes and have very long acrylic nails on – the longer the better!

"I'm constantly teased with sarcastic comments like 'try not to break a nail' when I am on a building job.

"But in all honesty my nails have never stopped me doing anything and I've never snapped a nail.

"I do understand roofing and plastering are a male dominated profession and I will never forget turning up for a plastering course and it was all men. Everyone looked at me gobsmacked when I joined in – even the teacher at first!

"I have all sorts of reactions to my profession. On a night out one guy asked me what I did and when I told him I was a roofer he asked to inspect my hands as he didn't believe me.

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"He wanted to see if I had working hands. I was happy to show him – he was completely baffled when he saw my long nails and how I managed to do the work.

"I love being glamorous with my long hair and make up and nails. My beauty therapy course is very important to me. I love doing pampering facials and massages because I am a girly girl and I think celebrating femininity is wonderful.

"But I guess I am a tomboy, too, and I don't mind getting stuck into some labouring work and carrying brick and tiles and being hands on.

"I think being a roofer and a beauty therapist is interlinked in a funny way – it's a great balance. I help people make their homes beautiful and then I help make them beautiful too.

"I believe a woman can do anything a man can – I'm living proof of it I think."

It gives me a real thrill when I see people's expression of disbelief when I tell them I am really am a roofer and own my own company.

Rose has even hired her dad and brother to join her team and carry out the hands-on construction work at the All You Need firm.

They offer services including small tile repairs along with complete replacements of fibreglass, rubber or slate roofs.

"I feel very proud to not only be a young woman in an industry typically dominated by men, but to also be challenging the stereotypical idea of roofing and similar trades being restricted to men." Rose says.

“It also makes the world of difference to my clients, especially those who might feel less comfortable having a group of men in their home."

Rose already boasts qualifications in construction after previously studying the trade at Cardiff and Vale College.

She said: "The feedback I’ve had is it’s a breath of fresh air for my customers when they see a woman enter their home to discuss their requests and plans. I hope this will set my business apart.”

Rose is also in her second year of studying beauty therapy which she will run as a side business.

She is now even planning on hiring another intern to support her in building her roofing business.

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