I'm 51 but look 29 – I have three top tips that keep me looking young & one of them is free, it's the reason why I glow | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has revealed she is often mistaken for someone who is younger – and it’s all down to three simple tricks.

Annamaria Kalebic has managed to gain a huge fan base as people listen in for her easy tips and tricks to keeping young.

In one video, she revealed: “So how to get glowing skin.

“Part one and I'm gonna just cover the basics in this one and if it does well I'll do part two.

“But tip Number one, is drink your water, drinking water makes such a difference and it's something you can do easily..

“So drink is visible throughout the day and next day you will see a noticeable difference.


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“But what I will say is be aware that we also lose electrolytes and salts so to fully hydrate make sure you're replacing them as well especially if you work out.

“Tip number two is to eat lots of plants. Plant food say vegetables, fruits and legumes seeds whatever.

“There's an array of plants you can eat and they are loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants which combats oxidative stress.
“Load up your plate with loads of plants, make the plants on your plate the main attraction and the complex carbs a side gig as well as obviously loading up on good quality protein.

“Number three, go outside and get some exercise to move your body.

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“Get stretching, do whatever you can because by moving your body you are circulating your blood really well getting the oxygen around your body and that gives you that like healthy

post exercise glow.

“But be mindful. 

“If you want to keep your face looking youthful, lots of high impact activities can cause you to lose volume in your face.

“So I try to do things like on the cross trainer where I'm supported and it's not too much to be jumping up and down stuff – but that stuff does make you feel good.

“And that's it, that's my three top tips.

“Here's a little bonus, before I came on to film this video, I put some of my favourite toner on my palms and then I just patted it onto my face and gave me a little extra glow. 

“So that's something you can do instantly.”

In another video, Annamaria also revealed how having a certain haircut can also help to give a “new lease of life.” 

She says: “This is your sign to get French bangs and face framing layers.

“Now honestly, I feel like a teenager again.

“I'm not saying this because I'm 51, but I've just love this.

“I wish I had done it ages ago.

“I've just been to the beach, wind, sweat, salt in my hair and my hair still looks great.

“I could go out. I might have to just smooth it down a bit.

“But what an awesome cut. Just do it.

“It's the best thing ever.”

Annamaria has over 57k TikTok followers, with many regularly commenting on her videos. 

Many praise her videos by saying, “great advice.” 

Someone else wrote: “You look so fresh and cute!! 

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A third wrote: “You’re my hair goal!” 

Whilst another simply added: “Beautiful.”

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