I’m 5ft 2ins & tried Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS dress – there was a major issue, people urged me to return it | The Sun

SKIMS started as a shapewear brand, but Kim Kardashian's fashion label has expanded into a line of comfortable clothes for any casual occasion.

One five-foot-two fashionista bought the much-coveted lounge dress, but her followers encouraged her to return the slip after seeing her wear it.

Self-professed "short queen" Ashley Santangelo ordered the SKIMS lounge dress in a popular Barbiecore pink shade.

When she tried on the bright tank top dress for her 221k TikTok followers, she admitted that the size XS slip wasn't quite what she'd expected.

First, she showed herself from the mid-calves up, looking stylish as she modeled the $78 dress.

"Thinking this will fit because Kim's a short queen too," she captioned the first clip in the sequence.


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Then, the video cut to a different shot, from farther away, and showed the dress spilling over Santangelo's feet and onto the floor.

Turning to the side and lifting one foot behind her, the vlogger showed off a pile of excess fabric that made the dress impossible to wear.

"Can't walk in it without tripping," she wrote in the caption. In the video description, she asked her followers what to do.

"Do I keep or return?" she polled viewers. She also tagged Kim Kardashian and SKIMS, asking, "Can you guys make different lengths?"

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Santangelo's followers were quick to advise her, with several telling the distressed woman to save the hassle and return the dress at once.

"I had to return mine," a viewer commiserated. "I had such high hopes too."

Other fashion fans who had missed the SKIMS restock made offers of their own. "Ship it to me if you wanna return it," one woman offered. "I’ll buy it off you."

A number of people told Santangelo to hem the dress herself, have it tailored, or even turn it into two pieces of clothing – a shortened dress and a bright pink tube top.

Santangelo could also change the way she wore the dress, some viewers pointed out.

"I think it’s supposed to scrunch up," one commenter said.

"Wear platform shoes/heels with it," another agreed.

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Though Santangelo didn't say whether she'd decided to keep or return the flowing dress, at least one similarly-statured commenter said she had reconsidered buying from the brand.

"I was just watching videos to buy one," the viewer confessed. "Thanks for this because I’m only five foot."

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