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FROM statement sleeves and keyhole details to high-neck tops and lacy details, the hottest trends in fashion aren't all easy to wear if you have a larger chest.

One style blogger shared her advice for styling these trends, using her own experiences as guidance.

Fashion influencer Delaney Childs has 218k subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posted her complete guide to styling a bigger chest.

"Being fuller-chested is something I've actually struggled with," she revealed at the beginning of the video.

Oftentimes, Childs said, her 32DD bust limited her from wearing trends she wanted to participate in.

"It can be really hard to style things, and it can be really hard to feel confident and fashionable," she said.


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The secret to working with a larger chest starts with a good foundation, and there are two types of bras Childs gravitates towards.

First on her list is sports bras. "I love wearing them and I also like what they do figure-wise," she said, acknowledging that this might come as a surprise to some viewers.

Because sports bras flatten the chest instead of accentuating it, Childs thinks they're great for baggy tops and oversized t-shirts to create a comfortable look and striaght silhouette.

"I want to flatten it and not make [my chest] the focal point of my look," she explained.

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Lacy bras with little coverage or support are also a huge part of her wardrobe.

"I love lacy bras because I feel like this helps me to not accentuate my chest, and just downplay it a bit," Childs said.

The bras also allow her boobs to stay separated, instead of pushed close together to create deep cleavage.

" I don't like the look when my boobs are squished together," she said.

Next, Childs talked about her favorite types of neckline. Her first pick may seem counterintuitive, but it's great at hiding a large chest.

"I know that this might come as a surprise to some people," Childs said, before changing into a deep-V top.

"The thing is, when you do a super low V, it draws the attention to your decolletage instead of your actual chest," she explained, showing the effect of the neckline.

The wide-open space creates an illusion, hiding cleavage and creating an elegant and chic silhouette for formal looks.

In casual settings, Childs said, "I prefer a halter top situation over a strapless situation."

A strapless top "can almost make it feel like there's no support," while a halter top provides support but "you can definitely still tell that you're fuller-chested."

Keyhole necklines are another versatile solution, which offers support and structure, especially with sleeved tops.

"I think it looks good on bathing suits, dresses, and tops," Childs said.

High-neck tops are more modest, but can be especially flattering under the right circumstances.

"You just have to find the right undergarments," Childs said. That's when a sports bra comes into play again.

The compression materials keep your silhouette smooth and uninterrupted underneath a turtleneck or bodysuit.

In fact, when a dress top is made from a very stretchy, thick material, you might even choose not to wear a bra, Childs said.

"It kind of compresses if it's tight enough and thick enough," she explained. "With outfits like that, I don't wear a bra. That's something I really gravitate towards when shopping."

There are other ways to distract from your chest area and make your torso look more balanced. Statement sleeves with frills or other details are a great example.

"The sleeves are having their own moment," Childs said. "Anything with a puff sleeve or a statement sleeve can definitely help as well."

And when in doubt, there's always layering to conceal cleavage during cooler months.

If you want your outfit to look more thoughtful and maintain modesty, add a layer. "Throwing on an overshirt, a jacket, or a cardigan is a good option," Childs said.

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