I’m a 34DDD – I did a huge Aerie bra haul & my girls were defying gravity in the lacy number | The Sun

BETWEEN delicate lace, comfy seamless, athletic, and strapless, there's a bra made for just about any occasion.

One 34DDD-sized shopper was blown away by five Aerie options that left her chest propped and supported.

TikTok mom Paula discovered undergarment heaven within the racks of the Aerie bra section.

She posted a video trying on and reviewing five different style bras and one, in particular, blew her away.

Though bralettes tend to be tricky to find when you have a bigger bust, the first bra Paula tries on proves this untrue in terms of Aerie's options.

Paula changes into a smooth, seamless bralette with two straps.


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This bralette is the SMOOTHEZ Padded Bralette in Meadow Bound for $39.95.

Even with no underwire, Paula says there's still so much support.

Paula got a small DD.

"If you have a larger bust, these are perfect. I love it, I like the color, and the straps are adjustable. It is padded but look at the support the girls are getting from no underwire," Paula screams.

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Paula tries a sexier date-night option next.

She puts on a black balconette lace bra in her true size, a 34DDD

"The girls are literally defying gravity. You can criss-cross the straps in the back… I love everything. The girls just look amazing," Paula admits.

For another black bra option, Paula changes into the Aerie Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra on sale for $23.97.

This bra is unlined with an underwire.

"The coverage is amazing, and it's beyond comfortable. This is just a great everyday bra. I have been wearing it a ton lately," Paula says.

Switching over to a full-coverage bra, she tries the SMOOTHEZ Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra on sale for $29.97.

Paula explains that she had got a 34 band at first but ended up sizing down to a 32.

"Their full coverage maybe runs a little big. This one is really nice. There's full coverage around the sides here, and I love this one," she says.

The last bra is a black lace bralette pick.

"Who said that larger-chested girls cannot wear bralettes? Aerie did not say that, that's for sure because this one is so cute," Paula exclaims.

This bralette has a criss-cross back and is padded.

Viewers shared the same love Paula had for all of these Aerie finds for women with big boobs.

"I’ve been wanting to try them and now I will," one woman wrote, while another commented on their appreciation: "Yes! Finally, someone who is truly the same size as me is represented on this app!"

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