I’m a barista and these are the things I’m fed up of hearing – people ALWAYS make the same 'joke', it's really not funny | The Sun

IF you have ever bought a coffee from a coffee shop before, prepare to be attacked.

While many of us will have the same, similar straightforward coffee order that we request in every café, others may try and order something a little bit different. 

A barista from Brighton, Molly Shooman, has revealed the annoying things that she is fed up with hearing and the one thing that people always say that they think is hilarious, but really isn’t.

The young woman took to TikTok to share the things she hears “constantly as a barista”.

She uploaded the video with the caption 'There's so many more…’

So if you don’t want to annoy your barista, it’s time to listen up, as the annoying things customers always say, according to Molly, are: “Can I have just a normal coffee.

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“Can I have a cappuccino with no froth?”

And finally, if you like to make a joke with your barista, you might be shocked to know that they really don’t find it happy, as Molly explained another thing that winds her up: “No sugar please…I’m sweet enough.”

Molly’s video has clearly made many chuckle, as at the time of writing, it had only been live on TikTok for a week, but had already racked up a whopping 423.7k views. 

It has 7,098 likes, 183 comments and 135 shares.

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Molly then followed up with a part two video, to reveal even more irritating things that customers say to her on her shifts.

If you are someone that asks for your coffee extra hot, prepare to be attacked.

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The irritating requests include: “Can I have my coffee extra hot?

“Can I have a double shot decaf espresso, I’m so tired.

“Can I just have some hot water for my tea bag I brought with me.”

TikTokers found the video hilarious and many other baristas understood Molly’s pain.

One person said: “The first one p****s me off, that’s all I hear when working!!”

Another added: “My favourite is when they ask for a flat white and then are furious when it’s not just a white coffee”. 

A third commented: “The sugar one does my head in”. 

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One TikToker revealed:  “I don't drink coffee because I don't know how to order one”. 

While another stated: “I mean no froth on a cappuccino is pretty much a latte with an extra shot is it not”.

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