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WITH the cost of living skyrocketing, splashing the cash on skincare is something that many people may want to cut back on.

But if you’re wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right place – as we spoke to Kimberley Hulme, Head of Clinic at Face the Future, to get her opinion on the skincare products that are pointless and a complete waste of money.

As easy as it is to get sucked in by fancy-looking products, according to Kimberley, popular skincare items including eye creams, collagen creams and retinol, are things that won’t make much difference to your skin and can easily be removed from your skincare routine.

Here, Kimberley gives us her opinion on the skincare products that you should ditch from your beauty bag. 

Ditch the Eye Creams

While a fancy eye cream may leave your under-eyes feeling nourished, it turns out that they really aren’t necessary. 

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Kimberley said: “Eye creams can definitely feel like a luxurious step in your skincare routine but if you are looking to streamline your routine, it can be a good place to start.

“You can apply any fragrance-free moisturiser in place of eye cream – just be sure to be gentle as the skin under your eyes is very delicate.

“And if you are looking for a quick and effective way to depuff your under eye area at home, slices of cucumber can be a lovely soothing option.”

Avoid Collagen Creams

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Similarly to this, according to Kimberley, collagen creams are pretty pointless too.

The beauty whizz continued: “No matter what marketing suggests, you cannot simply create collagen by topically applying ‘collagen’ creams so don’t waste your money on this. 

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“Instead, opt for ingredients that encourage natural collagen production, such as vitamin C which is a great all-rounder product.”

Throw away Retinol too 

This beauty expert revealed that retinol is something that many people can avoid using. 

Kimberley added: “Retinol is a really powerful ingredient that increases cell turnover and decreases oil production, making a great option for those looking to prevent the signs of ageing alongside those with blemish and acne-prone skin. 

“Due to the popularity of retinol, many people have started to incorporate the ingredient into their skincare routine without fully understanding what it does or the additional steps you should take to protect your skin. 

“Retinol makes your skin incredibly sensitive to sunlight and therefore should only be applied in the evening and only when you are confident you will be able to shield your skin from the sun and reapply SPF throughout the day. 

“If you aren’t confident you can do this, I would recommend avoiding retinol for the time being.” 

Don’t bother with Salicylic Acid

Finally, according to Kimberley, Salicylic Acid is another product that can certainly be ditched.

The beauty whizz concluded: “Salicylic acid works to improve the texture of your skin over time by gently exfoliating to help remove dead skin cells. 

“While it is a great product, it is definitely one that can be skipped if you are looking to really scale back your skincare routine. 

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“If you are ditching salicylic acid, it is a good idea to look for a cleanser or toner that includes this powerful active ingredient to ensure it doesn't disappear completely from your skincare routine. 

“For example, if you have acne-prone or congested skin, the CeraVe Salicylic Acid Cleanser (£9.60) is a great product to invest in when your current cleanser runs out".

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