I'm a beauty fan & tried Primark's £16 dupe of Molly-Mae's Beauty Works curler – I saved £54 & the results surprised me | The Sun

CURLING tongs can be a pricey investment – but are the expensive ones really worth the money?

High-street stores are now doing much cheaper dupes – with Primark releasing a £16 version of Molly-Mae Hague's £70 Beauty Works curler.

Beauty fan Ash, who posts under the acronym @makeupbyash.x, took to TikTok and shared a video where she can be seen putting the two tongs to the test.

"I grabbed this for £16 in Primark," she says. "Now you can't tell me that is not trying to be a Beauty Works dupe.

"Luckily enough I have the Beauty Works curler so I'm going to compare them side-by-side and am going to see whether this one is worth the money or not…

She continues: "The barrel is really good for my long hair so I want to see if the other one can live up to the same standard."


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Holding them side-by-side, Ash notes: "They're basically identical!"

She then goes on to curl one side of her hair with the Primark curler and the other with the Beauty Works curler to see if there's much of a difference.

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"OK I haven't even started yet and I can already tell the Primark once has a much shorter wire so that's a pain," she says.

"It just means you have to sit a bit closer to the socket so it's not that much of a problem."

Ash then holds each curler on a small section of her hair for 20 seconds, before analysing the results.

"I mean, they're pretty similar!" she says.

"After brushing them through I do have to say Beauty Works is still my favourite.

"If you're looking for an affordable alternative I'd definitely recommend Primark – these results are insane.

"Genuinely so impressed!"

The post has since racked up thousands of views and been flooded with comments.

"This is amazing!!" praised one.

A second enthused: "They look pretty much the same lol both fab!"

In response to another who asked how well the curls lasted, Ash confirmed: "Yes they’re both lasting the same!"

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