I'm a body language expert – Harry & Meghan are acting like disaster survivors in a bad rom-com, not former royals | The Sun

IF you’re a fan of the Royal Family, the chances are you’ve already whizzed through the Sussexes’ new TV show. 

The three-part Netflix documentary called Harry and Meghan is an emotional rollercoaster, and body language expert Judi James says it’s more like a bad rom-com than a royal tale. 

From the very beginning, viewers are bombarded by what Judi calls ‘harrowing’ video diaries recorded by the pair.

In episode one, we see separate videos of Harry and Meghan looking beaten down and distraught by their experience with the press and the Royal Family.

While the footage pulls on our heartstrings, Judi says they’re over-sharing and acting like survivors of a disaster, not former members of the monarchy.

“Harry’s selfie diary clip makes him look like a survivor or witness to some disaster,” she notes. 

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The stress he gives off is intense, and downright harrowing. 

“His body language suggests he’s in deep shock, so much so that he can’t remember the day of the week,” she continues. 

“His breathing suggests stress, his verbal fillers of ‘Um…’ signal confusion. He rolls his eyes and performs a tongue-poke which all suggest adrenaline caused by stress. 

“As the piano trills loudly he says ‘What happened?’ like a survivor crawling out of a wreck.” 

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It’s all so over-dramatic, says Judi, and Harry isn’t the only one in on the act. 

“Meghan’s diary is equally dramatic. Her hair is in a towel as though just washed and her left leg is bent and raised as though she was painting her toenails.”

The ex-Suits actress is seen picking at her nails, suggesting anxiety, and her face puckers as she whispers to the filming camera, ‘I don’t know what to say any more’.

“She can barely speak apart from some sighs and pauses, like an actor that has dried on stage,” observes Judi. 

Harry and Meghan have tapped into something unique with their speechless emotion, says Judi, tapping into how celebrities share their deep thoughts on social media.

Throughout episode one, viewers are treated to glimpses of the pair in the early days of their relationship from cheesy black and white shots to a sprinkling of selfies taken away from prying eyes. 

Harry and Meghan give their own accounts of meeting each other and falling in love, but it’s peppered with the Prince’s claims of the ‘pain’ women go through when they marry into the monarchy. 

But instead of a powerful account, Judi claims they’ve created a bad rom-com. 

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“Their love story narrative sounds like a rom-com in the making, apart from the odd appearances of Harry being interviewed to camera growing increasingly angry, agitated and upset. 

“Harry moves from man in love to man full of anger and resentment for the press, with his tearful body language undergoing a complete, linear mood change.” 

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