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SURE, it's easy to have a spotless home when you can pay someone else to clean it.

While there may be no hack to magically materialize a housekeeping budget, one celebrity cleaner has revealed to The Sun exactly what her rich and famous clients always ask for.

Daysy Rodríguez – known to Real Housewives of Miami fans as Lisa Hochstein's housekeeper – has had plenty of ultra-wealthy clients through her company, Daysy's Cleaning, Lifestyle & Concierge.

Among them have been reality stars, business tycoons, and athletes including the NFL's Anquan Boldin, the NBA's Andre Drummond, and the MLB's Barry Bonds.

And over the years, she's learned what her wealthiest and most renowned clients always demand.

While some of the requests are a bit nit-picky, they also ensure star homes look pristine for any impromptu social media posts.

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You might assume a housekeeper's domain is limited to certain things, like scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms, and dusting surfaces.

But the wealthy will ask for just about anything to be cleaned – including their closets.

Daysy says that some expect the shelves in the closets to be wiped down regularly, and others will even have her clean or polish their shoes and organize their closets and drawers by color.

That includes their underwear drawers.

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Changing the sheets and making the bed? Basic.

Daysy says that she is asked to iron bedsheets before making the bed or putting them away in linen closets.

"And I always spray them with a very expensive product that contains lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus, which helps them to relax and sleep better," she adds.


Maybe dust can't accumulate on walls, but they can still get unseemly without upkeep.

Once a week, she is asked to get rid of scuff marks on walls and doors with a Magic Eraser.


Yes, you can ask a housekeeper to tackle specific areas you want clean – and the wealthy certainly do.

Daysy says clients want all stainless steel polished, including handles, faucets, sinks, and shower heads.

Fingerprints must also be removed from windows, doors, and mirrors every day.

And dusting shouldn't miss a speck: "For all clients, it is important to remove dust from baseboards, fans, blinds, and A/C vents."

Ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and even lightbulbs should be cleaned once a week as well.

She also changes filters, clean the doors on kitchen cabinets, and removes any crumbs in drawers.


Daysy's wealthy clients want their refrigerators cleaned and their pantries organized.

But that organization isn't just about grouping items by food type.

She says it's "very important" that all of the labels are facing forward.


It's not a cleaning task, unless you assume that a house that catches fire would leave ash to clean up.

But Daysy says that once a week, she is expected to test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.


"It's very important to check all ceilings, baseboards, corners, and under furniture for spider webs," she says.


For a class of people so used to staying in upscale hotels, it's no wonder they want that fancy finish at home.

Daysy says rich clients often like their toilet papers and bathroom towels folded in an "artistic way."


Sweeping and Swiffering is for amateurs.

"We need to use steamers for all floors," she says.


You might assume housekeepers come with an arsenal of go-to cleaning products, but rich and famous clients often ask for particular ones they like.

One favorite? Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner – but only the purple color.

"They like the smell," Daysy explains. "They don't like the other colors, it has to be the purple one."

"Also, it is starting to be popular after COVID with my famous and wealthy clients to provide a line of products that has a silver base agent that has been used in hospitals to kill bacteria, virus, and fungi," she added.

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At the end of the day, though, the wealthy aren't all the same – and while some demand planet-saving formulas, others want that antiseptic scent.

"Most of my famous and rich clients always asked to use 'green/organic' products, but some others say if they don't smell 'bleach,' they don't feel like it's been cleaned," Daysy said.

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