I’m a cleaning expert and there’s an easy way to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen completely for FREE

AS THE weather gets hotter – flies are more likely to be found in your home.

While it can seem impossible to get rid of them, one cleaning expert has revealed how and it's completely free.

TikToker, Clean With Jen, from Scotland, shared the clever hack with followers, where it went viral with over 700k views.

The mum of two said: "Where they come from no one knows but here is how to get RID of them.

"If your kitchen's like mine, then these are everywhere."

Jen first starts by getting a small plastic box and mashing up some fruit, she chose strawberries.


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Then cover the box in clingfilm, and pierce some small holes into it with a fork.

Simply leave the box on the counter of your kitchen, or any room that has a fruit fly infestation and wait.

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The sugar from the fruit will attract the flies who will climb through the holes but won't be able to get back out again.

Jen shared what the box looked like after four hours and there were dozens of fruit flies stuck in the box.

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Fruit flies seem to appear out of nowhere – but it's actually they're quick breeding process to blame, so as soon as you spot them it's best to get rid of them.

Viewers of the video were grateful for Jen's hack, one wrote: "I thought this was just me. They are everywhere just now. I'm definitely giving this a go."

"OMG! I thought it was just my house this year but it seems they are everywhere. I'm trying this." Another exclaimed.

A third commented: "Goes to kitchen… RIGHT NOW! Why have I not thought of this. Thank you."

Others suggested a mixture of vinegar and washing up liquid to attract the flies, "vinegar and washing up liquid works too," added one viewer.

"Used malt vinegar (didn't have any other alternative) yesterday with washing up liquid, attracted loads, like the whole neighbourhood!!!" Another said.

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