I'm a cleaning expert and these are the six dirtiest places in your kitchen… plus what you need to bin straight away

PLENTY of us clean our kitchens on a daily basis, we wipe down the sides and do the washing up, so we wouldn't expect bacteria to still be lurking.

But those pesky germs can stick around in places where we don't think to clean so often

If you want to banish the bacteria from your kitchen, the expert are on hand to help.

According to the pros at Good Housekeeping this is a list of the key areas you're missing when you're cleaning up in the kitchen.


Ironically, sponges are supposed to make things cleaner but they are one of the worst places for hidden germs.

The experts said: "To disinfect them, clean them first using detergent and warm water, then soak them in a disinfectant, such as Milton Sterilising Fluid, for 15 minutes.

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"Wring out as much liquid as you can and allow to dry thoroughly. If you don’t have any sterilising fluid to hand, soaking in freshly boiled water is a quick fix."

Cloths and sponges should all be washed regularly and you can put them in the dishwasher when you run it but it would need to be on a hot cycle.

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Coffee machine water reservoir

Plenty of us would never think to clean out the tank that hold the water in your coffee machine.

Most of us just top up the water without thinking to deep clean the container but it could be harbouring yeast and mould.

You can blitz it with vinegar to descale it or check the coffee machine manual to see if there's a product they recommend.

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The sink

Your kitchen sink is often a hit spot for germs.

You can give it a thorough clean with an old toothbrush and disinfectant or bleach and make sure you really work on the plug hole.

Fridge handles and stove dials

Lots of us overlook the handles and oven dials that we actually touch all the time.

It's a good ideal to regularly clean these surfaces with warm water and detergent or use an antibacterial spray like Dettol.


How you clean your worktop will depend on the material you've got installed for your kitchen counters.

The experts said: "In the evening after you’ve finished cooking for the day, it’s good practice to wipe all the kitchen counters with a clean cloth and an antibacterial spray to keep on top of germs and remember to regularly clean under and behind appliances like kettles and toasters."

Chopping boards

As much as we like to think we've blitzed our chopping boards, there could easily be bacteria lurking on the surface.

If you can pop yours in the dishwasher, this is the best way to keep them clean.

The pros advised: "As an alternative, clean with hot soapy water, then pour freshly boiled water over it to sterilise. An antibacterial spray will help keep it germ-free but isn’t a substitute for a thorough wash."

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