I’m a cleaning expert – how to get Christmas stains out of clothes that won't budge including cranberry sauce

CHRISTMAS is almost here and if you’re you’re a messy eater and regularly spill food down your clothes, then listen up.

For honest cleaning advice that you can trust, Mrs D is someone we always go to for help.

Christmas time brings a lot of spillages – if you're slaving away in the kitchen, you're bound to spill something down yourself.

And the Christmas dinner itself – with everyone passing around the cranberry sauce and the pudding – is highly likely to see someone make a mess.

There’s nothing worse than stubborn red wine that won’t come out of your favourite white skirt, or gravy stains ruining your Christmas jumper.

So if you need expert advice on getting out tough Christmas stains, Mrs D has come to the rescue and is here to help.

And it's not just Christmas grub that Mrs D can help with, if you're getting dressed up for the big day and are worrying about fake tan and makeup stains, Mrs D has hacks for removing those too.

Here, Mrs D gives Fabulous her exclusive recommendations for removing every common Christmas stain.

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Cranberry sauce

We all love a bit of cranberry sauce with our turkey on Christmas day, right?!

But especially if you’re wearing a light colour, cranberry can be a tough stain to shift.

Mrs D said: “Flush stains with cold water. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent with 300ml of cool water.

“Pour into a spray bottle and spray the stain. Gently dab the stain with a clean dry microfiber cloth. Rinse with cold water.

“If the stain remains, sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol and rinse thoroughly. Then wash in the washing machine as normal.”


A Christmas dinner isn’t a dinner without lashings of gravy all over it, but it can be quite a pain to shift from your clothing.

If your washing machine won’t remove the Bisto, Mrs D has the perfect hack for you.

Mrs D explained: “Scrape off any excess gravy without spreading the stain.

“Sprinkle baking powder or talcum powder directly onto the gravy. Let it sit for an hour before gently brushing the powder off.

“Add a small dash of washing-up liquid directly onto the stain and gently rub in with an old soft toothbrush. Rinse with cold water and wash as normal.”

Red wine

Red wine is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas dinner, or to the late night cheese and biscuits.

But many of us struggle to remove red wine from clothes and it’s important to not try and rub it out.

Mrs D advised: “Blot up as much of the red wine as possible, DO NOT rub the stain.

“To a spray bottle add three parts hydrogen peroxide and one part washing-up liquid. Spray the red wine stain and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to do its magic.

“Then, blot clean before running some cold water over where the stain was.

“Repeat the steps if you need to before washing as normal.”

Christmas pudding

You either love it or you hate it but for those that are a fan of Christmas pud, you might know that it can leave quite a nasty stain on clothes.

So if you’ve spilt pudding and need to get it shifted, Mrs D recommends washing-up liquid.

She said: “Scrape off any excess pudding from the fabric, being careful not to spread the stain further.

“Add 400ml of cold water and one tablespoon washing-up liquid. Spray the solution onto the stain and blot with a sponge.

“Repeat until the stain has vanished. Machine wash as normal.”


Candy cane

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and enjoy candy canes, you'll know that the sticky sweet can make a real mess.

So if your favourite Christmas jumper is now sticky, use white vinegar to get it back to normal.

Mrs D recommends: “Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to a spray bottle and add 300ml of warm water (not hot).

“Spray the stain and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing as normal.”


A common Christmmas indulgence, Baileys is the perfect evening treat after a day full of roasties.

But if you end up having one too many and need some help shifting it, Mrs D shares her expert advice.

Mrs D advised: “Add 1 tablespoon of washing-up liquid and warm water into a spray bottle.

“Spray the stain with the solution and let it sit on the stain for 10 minutes before you blot it with a clean cloth.

“Repeat if you need to before washing as normal.”


If you’re getting glammed up over Christmas and are showing off your favourite red lipstick, you might want to be aware of Mrs D’s clever hack, in case you end up getting it on your clothes.

The secret is not makeup remover, but actually nail polish remover…

Mrs D revealed: “An acetone-based nail polish remover or mineral spirits can be used to remove lipstick.

“Spray on the stain and gently rub it in with an old soft toothbrush.

“Keep repeating until the stain has vanished.”

Fake tan

And if the cold weather has left your skin looking pale and you want a quick fix, fake tan might be the answer to your problems.

But if it gets on your clothes it can cause nasty stains, that will need a bit of blotting.

Mrs D recommends: “Add 400ml of warm water and one tablespoon of hot water to a bowl and blot the stain with a clean dry microfiber cloth and the solution, working from the outer edges inwards.

“Rinse the area well with cold water. Wash as normal.”

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