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WE all want our home to smell amazing, right?

But with many of us working full-time or having children to look after, getting on our hands and knees and cleaning for hours is not something that sounds very appealing.

Thanks to one cleaning fan, you won’t have to faff around scrubbing your ceilings or walls to get your home smelling fresh.

And you won’t need to go to the shops and splash loads of cash on expensive diffusers or candles either.

To get your home smelling amazing, with this hack, all you’ll need to spend is just £1.50 – yes, you heard that correctly.

Danielle, a cleaning and interior fan, known on TikTok as ‘cleaningwithdanielled’, has shared her simple trick to keep your home smelling fresh, without having to spend hours cleaning.

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The cleaning whizz has a whopping 1.7million followers and 12.4million likes on the video sharing platform and in one of her recent videos, she responds to a question she often gets asked – “How do you keep your home smelling so nice?”.

Danielle explained: “Tumble dryer sheets are how I keep my home smelling so nice”. 

In the video, we see Danielle use the Lenor tumble dryer sheets around her home.

She firstly takes a cushion off of her couch, unzips it and puts a tumble dryer sheet inside.

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Then she stuffs one in the crack of the sofa and pops one in her shoe rack cupboard that’s in her hallway.

After this she pops one in a basket that she has near her fireplace. 

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Finally, she uses one of the sheets to wipe her skirting boards down and in just a matter of seconds, shows off the dust that has been removed. 

Danielle later explained that she normally changes the sheets “around once a month”, to keep her home smelling fresh. 

Danielle uses the Lenor Spring Awakening Tumble Dryer Sheets, that you can buy from many supermarkets.

You can pick up these for just £1.99 from The Range, but if you want an even bigger bargain, other Tumble Dryer sheets will work just as good, and can be bought for as little as £1.50 from Wilko.

Danielle’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 689.6k views.

It has 46.6k likes, 126 comments and 760 shares. 

One person said: “I do this too! My favourite one is putting them in my bed sheets and pillow cases”.

Another added: “Thanks! Going to try this”. 

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A third commented: “Thanks for the idea!”

Someone else noted: “Absolutely genius!” 

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