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LET’S be honest most of us only have a certain amount of time to set aside for cleaning. 

And when we do get a few extra hours, we tackle the real problem areas and do a deep clean. 

Good tools and products will usually see you through but if you are going to do a deep clean here's three areas of your home that you definitely shouldn’t miss out. 

Brogan is a cleaning fan and she shares cleaning tips and advice online with over 5.2 million followers she’s not fazed by any dirt or grime. 

In a recent video Brogan shared three cleaning jobs she avoids or forgets. 

She said: “Here’s three deep cleaning jobs I always forget to do."

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Brogan said: “Number one is the stove and I’m not talking about inside, I'm talking about behind, beside and underneath. This is definitely my most neglected task and it’s actually super important.”

Her first task is pulling out the oven and vacuuming behind it.

She said: “So after pulling out the stove, I scrub the walls, baseboard and the floor before scrubbing the sides of the oven.” 

She continued: “After pushing it back in I gave the top a really good scrub with the Scrub daddy Cif cream and it’s sparkling new again.  

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Brogan said: “Number two is the dishwasher and this is something that I should be doing every month but I never remember to do it until my dishes aren’t coming out as clean." 

She said: “So I emptied out my dishwasher soaked and scrubbed the filters in some Dawn power wash with a really good utility brush and then I scrubbed the inside of the dishwasher with a disinfectant and a Scrub daddy.”

She continued: “I popped the filter back in, threw in the dishwasher a fresh table and I ran it on a hot cycle.” 

If you really wanna go the extra mile with your dishwasher add half a cup of white vinegar in the top tray before an empty hot cycle, check to see if your dishwasher has a sanitize setting as well.


Brogan said: “Now the last but not the least is probably the most important job which is the refrigerator." 

She said: “I took everything off the sides and top and used the damp duster to get up all of that old dust before actually pulling the refrigerator out."

She continued: “I swept everything from underneath and vacuumed out the filters on the back of the fridge to maximise airflow. I did a quick mop and now everything is nice and deep cleaned again.”

Quick tip: Don't forget to regularly sanitize the fridge door handles and other handles in your home.

Brogans video gained over 4.8 million views.

Many viewers said they hadn’t even considered cleaning these parts in their home.

One commenter said: “How do people find time for this?”

Another commenter said: “I’m supposed to clean my dishwasher?”

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