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A CLEANING pro has shared the five hacks that she swears by to get your bathroom shining and smelling fresh.

So if you are fed up of spending hours cleaning, only for mould, grime and nasty odours to still persist, fear not, we’ve got you covered. 

While many of us will typically reach for the shower spray or disinfectant when cleaning our homes, Chantel Mila has shared her simple alternatives that work just as well, if not better.

So don’t worry, you won’t need to go out and spend a fortune on fancy cleaning products.

Even better, you may already have the secrets in your cupboards.

Not only this, but Chantel revealed that coffee is the answer if you want your bathroom to smell amazing.

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So if you’ve got nasty odours in your loo that won’t budge, you’ll need to listen up.

Posting on social media, Chantel explained: “Five game-changing hacks to make bathroom cleaning easy.”

First up, Chantel shared her simple method for cleaning a shower and getting rid fo mould.

She said: “Mix one cup white vinegar, one tablespoon of dish soap and 20 drops of clove or tea tree oil to cut through shower grime and banish tough mould.”

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Following this, Chantel revealed how she uses coffee in her bathroom.

She added: “Place coffee grounds in your bathroom to rid unwanted odours fast.”

The cleaning whizz then shared the simple way to get your towels smelling fresh.

She continued: “Wash towels and mats with baking soda and essential oils (optional) to rid musty odours.”

If you struggle to clean hard-to-reach areas, Chantel advised: “Use a flat microfibre mop to clean tall areas with ease.”

Finally, the cleaning pro swore by shaving foam for clean, fresh floors.

The TikToker concluded: “And mop floors with shaving cream and hot water to rid tough odours.”

Chantel’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @mama_mila_, has clearly impressed many, as it was posted just two days ago, but has quickly amassed 25,200 views. 

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One person said: “The coffee thing is so brilliant!!”

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