I'm a cleaning whizz and my steaming hack makes my furniture look brand new and doesn't cost me anything | The Sun

CLEANING upholsteredfurniture and other fabrics around your home isn't always easy.

Lots of people opt for expensive steam cleaners to help banish stains and other grim marks, but one mum shared her free alternative.

Savvy mum Heather shared the hack on TikTok and people can't get enough of it.

The best part is you'll probably have everything you already need at home so there's no need spend a single penny.

Just take a saucepan, fill it with water andbring to the boil, Heather then adds in laundry pod and lets it fully dissolve.

The wrap the lip of the saucepan in a microfibre cloth and place on top for the steam to hit the cloth.

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For the best results you should leave the cloth and lid on the saucepan for a few minutes before using.

The cleaning whizz then keeps the cloth on the lid and uses to on her upholstered furniture – remember it's hot!

The steamy cloth is a great and gentle alterative to pricey steamers and has a similar effect.

Heather said: "It removed small surface stains from my toddlers hand/finger prints and had the couch smelling good."

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Viewers loved the trick and couldn't wait to give it a go for themselves.

One said: "I almost threw away my microfibre towels because I hate how they feel when they're wet so never clean with them, but this I have to try!"

A second quipped :"This changed my life."

Some viewers thought using a laundry detergent pod might leave some build-up on fabrics over time, but keen cleaners could use the hack without the detergent and still wipe away marks.

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