I’m a cleaning whizz – the 30p mixture I swear by to remove greasy handprints from walls… it’s perfect if you have kids | The Sun

NO matter how hard your try to keep your walls perfectly clean, if you've got little ones it's almost impossible to do.

That's why one savvy cleaning fan shared their bargain trick to remove greasy handprints in minutes.

Brandon Pleshek, a third generation professional cleaner, shared how you can get rid of them without damaging the paintwork, and it's easier to do than you might think.

To make the mixture you'll need:

  • One cup white vinegar
  • One cup water
  • One tsp dish soap

Mix the ingredients together and add to a spray bottle – if you don't already own one you can reuse an empty one, just make sure to rinse it out beforehand.


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Then simply spray the solution directly onto the hand marks and wipe it away with a microfibre cloth.

The marks should lift straight off your walls with just one or two wipes.

You can then store the spray to use again whenever you need it.

The clean whizz said: "In my experience it lasts quite a long time, that being said I do use it very often so I'm always making more."

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Vinegar is known to cut through grease, and can be used to clean other greasy parts of your home too, including your stove top and pots and pans.

After sharing his "tried-and-true DIY solution" on Instagram, other cleaning fans couldn't wait to try it out.

One commented on the clip: "Thanks so much for this! I was wondering if I could clean my walls or if I had to repaint them!!"

And a second said: "You recommended this to me and I use it for so many things."

"Works for my dirty teenagers," someone else raved.

Meanwhile, another cleaning fan was concerned her home would be left smelling of vinegar, but Brandon assured her it woudln't.

"It will go away once the cleaner dries," he explained.

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