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IT'S tempting to save money by purchasing the at-home versions of your favorite coffee drinks.

But you shouldn't fill your pantry with home brew Dunkin' or McCafe, coffee experts warned.

Those brands have some of the lowest-quality ingredients in their blends, and you're not likely to recreate the great taste you'd get from the restaurants.

A list of at-home coffees to avoid from Eat This, Not That included a few brand names that may surprise you.

Dunkin' "actually has some pretty good coffee, especially for the price," wrote the food experts at Eat This, Not That.

But if you're a true Dunkin' fan, you'll notice the difference between your normal drip brew and Dunkin' at Home K-Cups.


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"That's cheap joe best skipped," the experts wrote.

The reason this make-at-home brand has such a different flavor is shocking.

"Dunkin' at Home is made under license by the J.M Smucker company," the pros explained. "It's literally a different coffee."

The experts warned that McCafe, the McDonald's coffee line, is another one to skip.

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While the coffee at McDonald's locations is delicious, the ground coffee and K-Cups you can buy from the store fall short of expectations.

The foodies warned that reviews say McCafe's at-home line "tastes burnt and bitter even when brewed properly."

Finally, Starbucks fans should be on the lookout for one in-store coffee option that might seem like a great alternative to the pricey beans, but is actually a waste of money.

"Though they take pains not to share this fact, Seattle's Best coffee brand is owned by Starbucks," the outlet explained.

But that doesn't mean it's a "hack" to get cheap Starbucks in your own kitchen.

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"Rather than being primarily a brand with its own retail locations, it's a cheaper coffee pushed out at places like gas stations and fast-food chains that don't have their own proprietary coffees," the experts explained.

You might end up liking Seattle's Best on its own merits – just don't anticipate the flavor of Starbucks when you go to take a sip.

McCafe's at-home line doesn't have great reviews, warned Eat This, Not ThatCredit: McCafe

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