I'm a dietician, three ways to help fussy toddlers eat new foods – & why plates with dividers are a big no | The Sun

IF your toddler is a fussy eater, chances are meal times are the most stressful part of any day.

But one dietitian took to TikTok in response to a tired mum who posted a video joking that she was on 'day 126' of trying to get her son to like chicken nuggets.

Thalia, who specialises in picky eaters, shared a video offering her top three mealtime tips that could help support fussy eaters when it comes to trying new foods.

In the clip, she urged parents to "ditch that plate that has the dividers in it."

She continues: "Instead, grab a regular plate – that way you can put the food a little bit closer together and that way the liked food is closer to the food he is learning to like."

The dietitian then highlights the importance of encouraging a child to interact with the food.


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"I could see at the end of your video you had cut one of the nuggets," she says. "That's really great!

"Look inside it with him. Make this an exciting thing. Like 'ooh let's cut it open and see what's inside….what colour do you think it's going to be?'

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"Just be engaging. Whether the kid eats it or not doesn't really matter.

"The fact they're engaged and probably having a good time is the most important thing."

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Thalia then jokes that parents will laugh at how easy her final tip is.

"Just put one nugget on the plate rather than two," she explains. "If you don't think he's going to eat one, don't put two on there – it's overwhelming."

The post has since racked up an impressive 112,000 views and been inundated with praise from worn-out parents across the globe.

"Your tips have helped with my son so much! Last week he poured sauce on his plain noodles and ate all of it! He’s never let his foods touch before," enthused one.

A second praised: "As a mum with a son who was picky 2 always helped! Just talking about the food, feeling it, talking about how it feels, the colour, etc."

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A third commented: "Yes!! The less is more tip REALLY WORKS! My picky 3-year-old ate a raw carrot tonight!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "I find that giving him something to dip with like ketchup helps too!"

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