I’m a DIY whizz and upcycled my door to look 10 times more expensive than it is, all I did was add a small feature | The Sun

ONE OF the most commonly overlooked areas of a house is the front door and yet it’s the last thing people see on their way out; leaving a lasting impression. 

Conscious of this, one woman took it upon herself to “beautify” her boring door with the use of just three items. 

She started by painting the door an understated peachy pink colour, which instantly gave the space a more suave feel. 

The brunette beauty then took the door off its hinges and laid it flat on the ground, over which she placed a long, rectangular mirror with glue on the back. 

After obtaining a set of thin panels, which she painted in the same pink colour, she glued these onto the door to create a frame around the mirror. 

She did this twice over, giving depth to the door, before sharing the end result with her viewers. 


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Panning the camera across the room, she showed how the colours complement other elements – including the wooden floors, chest of drawers and even her coat hanging nearby. 

She followed this by doing a bit of DIY on a sliding wardrobe door using 30 small rectangular mirrors. 

Using a thin piece of wood, she mapped out where the mirror should sit before glueing them on. Finally, she painted a single piece of panelling and stuck onto the outer, middle section of the door to use as a handle. 

TikTok user @___sun020 then moved onto a set of desk drawers, which she decked out with half-circle wooden panels. 

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She added gold handles with small pink marbles attached to them to give it a more elevated look. 

“Beautify your home with small touches,” she wrote in the caption. 

People were left in awe of how she was able to transform elements of her home and took to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

“Gorgeous,” one person called it as another said: “Amazing work”. 

A third shared: “Wow! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing.” followed by a heart emoji, while a fourth called her a “genius”. 

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