I’m a female cop – I showed how I get ready for work & people are confessing their crimes to me | The Sun

HAVING a work uniform makes getting ready in the mornings a lot easier.

You don’t need to think about what clothes is appropriate, what will feel comfortable all day, or how your outfit will affect what your coworkers think about you.

One profession that is known for its uniforms is law enforcement.

Although the uniforms vary from state to state, if you’re a cop, you’re usually required to wear a simple blue uniform with a badge.

One policewoman named Zayla Adair, who goes by @zaylaadair on TikTok, invited her viewers to get ready with her so that they can get a peek into the life of a night shift officer.

She wore a navy blue, long sleeve, polo-style collared shirt that had a bad on one sleeve and a patch of a US flag on the other.

The top was paired with navy cargo pants that were held up tightly with a thick black belt.

Zayla then moved on to do her makeup, contouring her cheek bones, nose, and under eyes.  

She finished off the look with her police gear: she put on a waist belt that held walkie-talkies and holsters, and a vest that said “POLICE” on the chest with a variety of other protective gadgets and safety tools handing across it.

Viewers fell in love with her beauty:

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“Holy mother. You’re absolutely stunning,” one wrote.

“Girl you are fine,” added another.

Her followers were so enamored, they jokingly began confessing their crimes to imagine her pulling them over:

“I ran a red light,” one commented.

“I ran three red lights and two stop signs,” joked another.

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