I’m a female dairy farmer – men ask me to marry them when they see me hard at work | The Sun

A FEMALE dairy farmer gets bombarded with proposals when she shows a day in the life at work.

Ella Burnett is a farmer in Cheshire, England, and men often drool over her when she shares videos of her doing manual labor.

The English dairy farmer posts TikTok videos of her working with everything from cows to tractors.

While she’s shared in some videos that she’s often put down and stereotyped as a woman in her field, some men actually praise her work.

In one TikTok video, Ella recorded herself working in her barn.

With her phone propped up in the distance, she captured the large space filled with several pens of baby cows.

Wearing a sports bra, leggings, and galoshes, Ella’s toned stomach and overall physique were on display.

She was filming herself during feeding time.

She picked up a large, heavy tub and hurled it over one of the pen gates.

Turning out to be a slow feeder for the calves, Ella took a bucket of milk and poured it into the tub as her furry friends huddled around.

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“Calf morning feed,” she wrote in the caption.

She also added hashtags for female agriculture and country life.

While many people in the comments were in awe of the slow feeder, most of the men were taken aback by Ella’s hard work and by her beauty.

“Hard working stunning girl,” someone commented, and another echoed: “Strong and beautiful young lady.”

“That’s a proper woman right there,” one man declared, as another simply wrote: “Love farm girls.”

Others declared their love for Ella and some even made wedding proposals.

“I didn’t think I could fall in love but I stand corrected. Darlin, you are stunning,” someone wrote.

“Marry me,” at least three separate people commented.

Seeming flattered, Ella responded to one of them writing: “Lol okay,” with heart eye emojis.

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