I'm a first-time mum – my simple trick makes bathtime a breeze & your baby will love it | The Sun

A FIRST-TIME mum has shared a genius hack that will make bathtime a breeze.

Parenting is no easy task, especially if this is your first child.

There's loads of tears, sleepless nights, frustration, food being thrown everywhere, smelly nappies… and it only gets worse when it's time for a bath.

Washing your children is a task many mums and dads find a struggle, making the evening far from relaxing.

Luckily, one woman, who recently became a first-time mum, has shared a hack that will make your baby love bathtime.

Nini, who adorably calls herself Mama bear on Instagram, took it to social media to offer a helping hand to fellow frustrated parents.

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''Today I'm coming to you with a little hack I learned along the way.

''And it is to put a towel over your baby when you're showering them so that they don't feel cold.

''This relaxes them,'' Nini said, explaining that her daughter, Eva, who is now over one, would ''knock out''.

This easy parenting trick, she claimed, has made it easier for the mum to do her ''thing and clean her''.

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Demonstrating just how comfortable and sleepy her daughter was looking having her bath, Nini added: ''It gives them positive associations with taking a bath.

''You just put the soap on them underneath the towel, make them relax, make bathtime a good time for them.''

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She continued in the caption: '' As a first time mom I learned a lot of things along the way I was so proud of myself for thinking to do this all on my own and then being taught in a mommy course about this same thing!''

Commenting on the trick, Nini said that ''that just goes to show that your motherly instincts are good reliable instincts to follow from her newborn stage.''

She claimed that the wet towel hackallowed her baby daughter ''to feel relaxed and to grow a love for being in the water and not just bath time but also pools and beaches''.

With over a whopping 4.2million views and thousands of comments, the clip has gone viral on social media.

TikTok users were quick to run to the comments, where many thanked the whizz for the genius hack.

One person said: ''Great idea . No more babies for me but I’ll will definitely pass this on to expecting family members and friends.''

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Another penned: ''The back rub got me. This baby is living life right.''

A third wrote: ''You’re a good mama and your little one is just precious!''

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