I’m a fit gym girl – I get trolled for my ‘manly’ body but I won’t let the haters stop me | The Sun

LIFTING weights and building muscle has longtime been regarded as a masculine activity.

TikTok user Hannah shared some of the sexist comments she hears on a daily basis as an avid gym goer.

The fitness fanatic showed off her impressive physique, including her muscular upper arms.

"POV: You're a girl with some muscle and you lift a lot of weight," Hannah wrote in her video.

The TikToker showed off her toned body in a white tank top and red shorts.

"That's a lot of weight, darling" Hannah is often told by older gym bros.

She is also a source of insecurity for younger pre-adolescent boys.

Hannah revealed they always tell her: "I'm 13 and I can do that for reps."

"Maybe you should work out those legs so you don't look so manly," older women regularly advise her.

Hannah shared that she is often hit on by older men for her looks.

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Hannah's experience.

"Personally someone stronger than me is something I would never mind, sometimes I can’t open jars, ya know?" said one viewer.

Another follower related: "My personal favorite is 'Crush my skull with your quads.'"

"That is the look you get from discipline and dedication, keep up being a freaking beast," commented a third person.

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