I’m a food expert and you’re eating your toast all wrong – the taste difference is life changing

IT'S one of the ultimate comfort foods.

But, according to one food expert, you could make your toast even tastier – by holding it the other way up to eat it.

While the majority of people butter the toast, add their toppings and then eat it, with the toppings facing upwards, the pros at EatThis say it's even better the other way up.

"First, make sure your toppings pass the upside-down test," they said.

"If so, eat your toast topping-side down so that your tastebuds get the most out of the toast-eating experience.

"This totally goes against the grain (ha, ha), but trust us – it might change your life."

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The correct orientation for toast is a subject often discussed on Reddit, with one person writing previously: "I’ve always eaten toast butter side up, don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat it butter side down until my 2 year old.

"It made me cringe so hard and since then it’s a thought that occasionally pops up in my mind.

"Does anyone else out there actively eat toast 'upside down'?"

"My brother does that. It's weird," one person wrote.

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"I butter both sides," another added.

And a third weighed in: "I have actually done that completely on accident.

"Honestly I didn’t notice until I had one bite left."

Meanwhile, back in 2018, journalist Jane Merrick hit headlines with her tweet: "I’m sorry to be this parent again but I made honey on toast for my daughter today and I noticed she was eating it upside down.

"I asked her why and she said because the honey hits your tongue first, before the toast. Mind. Blown."

"Our two-year-old does the same with her jam on toast," one person replied at the time.

"Apparently it's what they did in the war to make the most of the bit they had…"

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While another added: "My daughter does that with pizza, for the reverse reason.

"She likes the idea she’s eating the bread base, not a cheese based product."

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