I'm a food lover – adding these inexpensive items to your pantry will create classier meals that impress guests | The Sun

A FOOD lover has revealed a simple technique that will level up meals the next time you're entertaining.

TikTok star Zoe Barrie said that by "infusing" liquid ingredients you can elevate your dinner parties.

"I'm gonna show you one of the easiest ways to make people think you tried really hard and thought really hard about something you made," Barrie said in a video.

"But in reality it's super simple."

The foodie then introduced the idea of infusing heavy whipping cream with your favorite flavor to make a delicious creamy topping.

All you have to do is pour some of the creams into a pot and heat it until it starts to steam.

"Right when it starts to steam, immediately turn it off," Barrie said.

As soon as you turn off the heat, you can add any spices or flavor that you want.

"I've added in earl grey tea bags, but get creative," the TikToker said.

Then, Barrie let the infused cream cool before she added a bit of powdered sugar.

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After whipping the cream to stiff peaks, Barrie created a complex topping that will elevate tons of desserts.

"This isn't an ordinary whipped cream now," she said.

"It is an earl gray infused whipped cream. It's small little details like that make people feel like you're a culinary wizard."

Zoe Barrie shares all kinds of food projects and recipes on her TikTok, and she even showed how you can add a hint of fruit flavor to an average recipe.

Barrie leveled up her chia seed pudding by infusing it with a delicious Meyer lemon flavor.

"I'm gonna use some good ole coconut milk," the recipe tester said.

Like the whipped cream infusion, Barrie said you just want the milk the steam a bit before taking it off the heat.

"Now, you cant do this with every fruit," she said.

"Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry – I would honestly just add a jam."

However, she said you can always use citrus peel to infuse a liquid with a lemony flavor.

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After adding the peel to the steaming milk for ten minutes, Barrie threw in a bit of stevia and vanilla.

She then strained the liquid into a jar with chia seeds and threw it in the refrigerator overnight for an elevated change to your regular breakfast.

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