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THERE'S no denying weeds can totally ruin the look of your garden.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to get rid of them using household items.

Gardening experts at The Grass People have listed five ways to banish unsightly weeds – and you probably already have the items at home.

The first DIY solution is bleach which works best on weeds growing on patios.

They recommend spraying the affected area with undiluted bleach – but warn it shouldn't be used on grass.

"Bleach will kill grass, flowers, and other vegetation as well, so be sure to use it only on harder services and not on or near organic matter," they told the Express.


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The gardening pros also warned to keep bleach away from children and pets while spraying it on weeds.

The next DIY tip the gardening experts recommend is to use boiling water from the kettle.

Using boiling water will have instant results and you'll see them shrivel and wilt – but you'll need more than one application to destroy the root.

Again, hot water can damage grass so this tip is best used on weeds growing in between concrete.

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Vinegar is known for its multipurpose properties – and killing weeds is one of them.

And it's even more potent when mixed with washing up liquid says the experts.

The experts explained: “The acetic acid in vinegar sucks out the water from the weed, which dries it up, while the dish soap breaks down the outside of the plant, helping the vinegar to penetrate it quicker. 

Again, vinegar can damage grass so the method is best used on patios.

Next, the experts recommend using salt on weeds to also draw out water from the weeds causing them to die.

They add: “If you spray salty water on plants, the leaves will brown but they might start to put out new growth, therefore, it is much more effective if it is watered into the soil to kill the roots as this will kill the whole plant.”

Salt can kill off neighbouring plants and slugs so make sure it is watered directly onto the weeds.

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Finally, the experts suggest Jeyes Fluid on the most stubborn of weeds.

They added: “This product is best used cautiously on tough outdoor surfaces like patios and paving and avoiding grass and plant matter.”

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