I'm a gardening pro – I found the most fun way to get rid of pesky stink bugs, my son can even do it for me | The Sun

A GREEN-THUMBED influencer has shared her fun way of keeping her flowerbeds bug-free.

The content creator demonstrated how she and her son tackle insects in her garden.

TikTok user Jerra (@jerrasgarden) showed viewers "the most fun way to get rid of squash bugs."

In the video's caption, she wrote: "These pesky insects suck the juices out of your plants and cause damage to fruits and veggies."

Showing her followers a close-up of the bugs on her plants, Jerra explained: "Those tiny red and black little bugs are the nymphs of stink bugs or squash bugs.

"They don’t have a hard shell right now so it’s pretty easy to kill them in this stage with some insecticidal soap," she told her audience.

"You basically have to hand-pick those squash bugs off," the TikToker said.

"The most effective treatment to control their population is to hand pick them off your plants and drop them into soapy water," she explained in the caption of the video.

However, the content creator revealed her fun alternative to simply picking the insects from your flowerbeds.

"We’re going to use a hand vacuum," Jerra told her followers.

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She pointed out: "[This] is a much funner way to get rid of these bugs and my son can do it for me."

The influencer then filmed her son as he vacuumed up the insects from the plants.

Jerra showed her followers a close-up of the handheld vacuum's container, which was filled with bugs.

"So now you can take this and dump it in your bucket of soapy water," she concluded.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tip.

"Well, that’s a new one on me! Thanks for the tip," wrote one impressed viewer.

Another follower said: "This is perfect for those who are scared of bugs in the garden."

"This looks waaaaay more fun than dropping them into the soapy water," commented a third person.

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