I’m a gym girl who weighs 141 lbs – men say I’m ‘perfect’ when I pose in my bodysuit | The Sun

A GYM girl has been batting off compliments from besotted fans after she appeared on her platform wearing a bodysuit.

They thought it looked "perfect" and they were quick to share their views.

Shay Labuwi (@slabuwi) is no stranger when it comes to fashion, however.

Her TikTok is devoted to her wardrobe choices.

These have been either for the gym or a night out.

Either way, she wears them with style, and her 81,000 fans avidly follow her fashion choices.

In one of her posts, it was one of these choices that got her fans excited.

But first, they had to guess what her weight was.

At the top of her screen, the countdown started.

The opening weight of 247 lbs was emblazoned across the top.

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But it was Shay's outfit that drew the attention.

She wore a beige body suit that appeared to fit her like a glove.

As the countdown continued, she preened and posed for the camera.

When the scales reached 141 lbs, she looked satisfied and said: “That is correct.”

Comments to her post agreed.

But this fan had other thoughts: “Beautiful is correct," he said.

Another fan rounded her post off with an unusual way of giving a compliment: “Looks like a giant Spanx outfit," he said, "when the body is already perfect.”

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