I'm a hairdresser – five things your hair pro will never tell you, including the truth about bleaching and products | The Sun

WE all want our hairdressers to tell us the truth when it comes to our locks.

But, according to professional hairdresser Mary, there are five things your hair pro will NEVER tell you.

Mary took to TikTok to reveal the five things, adding a disclaimer stressing that it's only the case for "some" hairdressers.

First up, they will never tell you that you can bleach your hair without damaging it.

"There's no way," she said.

"No way whatsoever.

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"There’s always always always going to be an element of damage when you lighten your hair. 

"And on that note of damage, that you can actually heal any existing damage."

Mary insisted that the only way to "erase existing damage" is to cut it off.

"You can put a plaster over it, you can help it out, it’s like if you break a bone and they put those pins in to hold it together, that’s kind of what you’re doing with any damage recovery," she explained.

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"You will never ever ever get rid of that damage until you cut it."

The third thing your hairdresser will never tell you is "that it’s ok to use drug store or high street haircare".

Mary didn't expand on that one, choosing only to give a knowing smile.

Fourthly, she said that "we will never truly agree with how much you think you need to have cut off".

"We always think that you need more," she added.

"Whether we go ahead and do more is another subject but we will never agree with how much you think you need cut off."

And lastly, Mary said that when you're about to have your hair shampooed and ask how the colour's looking, they "have no idea".

"As a hairdresser also, it's like u read my mind. 100% with everything u said," one person commented on the video.

"Oh my hairdresser told me all of this but made me cry and I haven’t been back in 12 months – my hair's worse than ever," another added.

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As a third agreed, writing: "I love a hairdresser that is honest with the state of my hair and doesn't risk bleach when it's in poor condition.

"It hurts to hear it, but necessary."

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