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IF you're trying to look years younger, there are certain things you should avoid.

Skin expert Nadia divulges five mistakes that age you quicker.

Nadia is the founder of The Beauty Doctrine, a clean beauty product line.

The expert herself is 48 years old with clear and glowy skin.

She posted a TikTok covering necessary things to avoid if you are trying to keep your skin healthy, strong, and tight.

Even if you try to be gentle on your skin, Nadia explains that there are outside circumstances that can still negatively impact it.


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For example, she says that smoking will cause you to age faster than expected.

"Smoking causes 40% more collagen breakdown than average," Nadia adds.

In addition, you must avoid consuming large amounts of sugar daily.

"You need to cut back because it causes glycation, and that's the hardening of the sugar around our collagen elastin causing breakage and the collapse of our structural foundation of the skin," she says.

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Constant alcohol consumption isn't great for your body as well as for your skin.

Alcohol empties the body of essential nutrients and "is highly inflammatory."

Moving on from consumption mistakes, Nadia urges viewers to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

"It causes DNA damage and collagen breakdown," she says.

Finally, Nadia explains how experiencing high levels of stress can age you more.

"Chronic stress produces cortisol which will speed up our aging. So take long walks, listen to music, and take deep breaths," she says.

One viewer added another mistake to Nadia's list.

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They wrote: "And NOT drinking enough water."

"You are so correct about those 5 things I have seen it in other people and myself," another viewer commented.

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