I'm a Hooters waitress – I made nearly $1,000 in one weekend and that's during our slow season | The Sun

A HOOTERS waitress has revealed that she made nearly $1,000 in one weekend during the restaurant's slow season.

TikToker Niya, who uses the handle @niyaalane, shared how she earned the money in a recent video.

"not a bad weekend, hope you guys enjoyed," she captioned the video.

First, Niya earned $400 during a Friday serving shift at Hooters.

Then, on Saturday morning, she tended bar and made $252 in tips.

On Sunday, she served again and made $282.

She also received a $28 tip-out from her bartending shift.

Niya earned a grand total of $962 for working those three shifts.

Her video has been viewed more than 118,000 times.

But Niya isn't the only Hooters girl speaking out about her experience working at the chain restaurant.

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Many women speak out about the uniforms and the feedback they receive during their shifts.

One TikTok creator, Katie Beal, answered a few commonly asked questions and shared a few anecdotes about working at Hooters in a recent video.

In the video, Beal shares some useful insight into the interview and hiring process, the tip system, and uniform rules that sometimes vary with unique life situations.

She takes the opportunity to address some questions she's been asked about working as a Hooters girl, including what the job interview process is like and much more.

"Basically, you go in just like any regular interview for the first one, and if they like you, they'll ask you to come back for a second interview, which is what they call an audition," she explains.

This is where the prospective Hooters girl tries on the uniform for potential employment and Beal says that you usually get to this stage if they liked you from the start.

She recommends not submitting or wearing scantily clad photos when applying for a position as a Hooters girl.

Instead, she advises dressing in fashionable attire that shows off your body shape.

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"You need to have your makeup and hair done because when you work there, you have to have that done, so they want to see what it's gonna look like when you're working there," she says.

Another Hooters girl, Hannah Georgette, who is also a lifestyle vlogger, shared that despite the trolls who leave negative comments on her videos, she loves her job.

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