I’m a hot grandma – people are mad that I date men half my age but I don’t care | The Sun

A GRANDMA has shattered social expectations by owning her desire to date younger men despite receiving outside hate.

The self-described cougar shared a series of TikTok videos aimed at trolls who say she should date within her own age bracket, but she doesn't care.

TikTok user Tara, known as @tara26000016 on the platform, proudly showcases her single lifestyle and navigating her dating journey as a cougar in a number of videos.

Much of her social content pertains to something called CougarTok, which are videos posted on TikTok by women who are interested in younger men, aimed at attracting their attention and potentially striking a connection.

She wears body-hugging and racy outfits that display her hourglass figure and accentuates her body shape.

In one video, she claps back at trolls online who commented how gross she is for dating younger men.


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The subtitle on the video reads "Add a minute to your life every time someone says ew you date people 15 years younger than you" as the renowned song "Fame" by Irene Cara plays in the background.

The attractive grandmother can be seen singing the words "Fame…I'm gonna live forever" as she wears a see-through lace long-sleeve shirt and black pants.

The sassy behavior continues in another video where the 48-year-old woman pokes fun at herself by writing in a subtitle "Every family needs that grandma who dates people 1/2 her age."

The content begins with Tara facing away from the camera with her back to the audience and holding her hair up off of her neck.

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The mother of four then drops her hair and turns around, flipping her hair in the process, as she mouths the words to NSYNC'S hit single, "It's Gonna Be Me."

Decked out in a black tight-fitting button-down shirt that is wrapped around a floral maxi skirt, the woman makes sure to let her audience know that her family would be bored without her.

Though the cougar is on the prowl, it doesn't mean she's necessarily on the market, as shown by more recent videos.

Tara shares her relationship status in a clever way by revealing it in a video's subtitle that reads, "Who's 48 and dating someone a year younger than their 29-year-old child?"

The grandmother of two wears a flowy pink dress with cutouts on the sides and a plunging neckline that emphasizes her big bust, giving her an ethereal look.

Many of the comments in her videos are supportive messages that affirm her ageless beauty and real life experiences.

"Awesome, show em how it’s done," one viewer commented.

"Grandma giving these young girls a run for their money," another added.

"Whatever makes you happy is all that matters," another user shared online.

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