I’m a hot nurse – men ask me the same questions all the time and say they would ‘be in the ER every week’ to see me | The Sun

ONE hot medical worker has people wanting to be put in the emergency room.

Nurse Elisa Dabrowski gets asked the same questions by enamored men, and they say they want to be in the ER to see her.

Though a nurse never hopes to see a lot of emergency patients, Elisa's male followers want her to take care of them.

She posted a TikTok admitting the remarks men make when they find out she's a nurse.

And all indicate a desire for her.

"Things guys say when they find out I'm a nurse," she says.

Elisa dances in a hoodie and biker shorts in front of a strobe light.

"These are all true stories," she warns.

First, forward men comment on her profession choice.

They say: "That's hot."

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The persistence shows as they ask: "Can you take care of me?"

Eagerness is apparent as they continue to confess.

"I'd visit the ER weekly," they proclaim.

"How long did med school take?" they ask.

Lastly, men will inquire about Elisa's duties.

"So do you take blood pressure and stuff?" Men question.

Viewers found these remarks hilarious, and other nurses related.

"I got 'do you know how to do CPR” … Im an ER travel nurse," another nurse admitted.

"The med school one LMFAO," a viewer laughed.

A fed-up woman wrote: "It’s honestly never anything good that they have to say lol."

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One viewer summed up Elisa's video in one statement.

"& IT’S CRINGE," she said.

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