I’m a makeup artist and you’ve been storing your makeup brushes all wrong – it’s the gross reason you keep getting acne | The Sun

MOST OF US keep our makeup brushes out on our vanity table so they are in easy reach for doing our makeup.

But one makeup artist has revealed that it could be causing you to get acne.

Rifah, who is also a cosmetic chemist explained on TikTok that keeping your makeup brushes in a pot could cause you more skin issues.

She said: "You know your desk? How often do you clean it because it's full of dust?

"I have to do it every day."

And the expert said the same goes for your makeup brushes as the dust is falling on them too, which will likely cause a breakout.


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Instead, she recommends using an acrylic pot that has a lid and different compartments to stop dust from falling on your makeup brushes.

The compartments will also help keep clean and dirty makeup brushes separate – so there's no cross-contamination.

The video has racked up over 100k views – but many claimed the pot was quite expensive and had their own hacks to keep their brushes clean.

One wrote: "Put a pot upside down on top of the other pot."

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Another person suggested: "I just put a cloth over my brush pot on top of them… so unnecessary man."

A third commented: "I keep them in my makeup bag or leave the pot in my closet."

Others were sold on the idea though, one said: "This is amazing!! I need this."

"Okay I need this!'

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