I’m a mom in the no bra club – I don’t even wear them for pre-school pick up, but I have a good reason | The Sun

A NO-NONSENSE mom has revealed her reasoning for picking up her pre-schooler while braless.

She said school's out too quick for her to realize most days, causing her to look disheveled when getting her son from school.

The busy mom said pre-school pick-up hour often catches her off guard.

Maggie Brown (@maggiebrowning2) detailed her midday struggles as a busy mom.

"Everyday that I go to pick up my son from pre-school he's been picked up at the same time and dropped off at the same time," she said in the video.

"I don't know why when 11:30 comes around I'm just, I'm so shocked and caught off guard I end up leaving my house like this."

She had her hair in a tousled up-do and donned a baggy sweatshirt.

"At least they know what they can expect of me," she concluded.

The mom revealed that she even went commando from the waist-up.

"No bra club," she added in the caption.

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The video came as part of a trend where women are opting to go bra-free.

Many complain that bras are uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

Others say the undergarments lack size inclusivity or potentially ruin an outfit by looking less-than-seamless under clothing.

Some fashionistas are choosing alternatives such as boob tape or tops with built-in boob support.

More adventurous fashionistas are going completely bra-free with no form of chest compression.

The trend is changing how women see their natural curves in clothing and promoting a more body positive beauty standard.

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